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What makes us unique

Live Demonstrations* & Smart Classes

Unique Packages for a single subject

Result Oriented and cost-effective

Limited seats and individual attention

Our Specialties

Live and interactive online classes

Live audio and visual presentation

Live demonstrations of concepts

Smart classes

Comfortable timing - daily and week-end classes

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Air Navigation

Air Regulation

Aviation Meteorology

Technical General

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Pilot exams coaching center in kerala, India

Why I need to become a Pilot

The Indian Aviation industry is considered to be the 5th largest in terms of passengers, including both domestic and international, and 3rd largest and fastest-growing market in terms of domestic traveling after the US and China. This growth brings many opportunities, especially for Pilots.

A Pilots career and life are always alluring and adventurous. His daily routine may start from one country and will end that day in another country, is that awesome. There are 100's of reasons why people choose their career as a Pilot. If you find your reason, then let get on-board with us to complete the next big milestone in becoming a Pilot.

Clearing the Indian Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Pilot exams is what many considered to be the hardest part of becoming a Pilot in India. As it includes several exams of both MCQs & Viva, which have to be cleared successfully for obtaining their flying licenses. We at Pilots Datum are here to help the aspirant Pilots to clear all the DGCA exams with ease. Our experienced team of tutors is on continuous research to make this hurdle the easiest one in their Pilot career.

We at Pilots Datum provided several unique coaching methods for a single subject, that no other coaching classes/centers are currently provided in India. These unique coaching methods and packages are what make us popular among the aspiring Pilots. So, choose the best fit unique coaching methods for you and start learning to get that golden wing on your chest.

Aviation exam in India

What makes us unique

Unique packages for a single subject, which the student can select depending upon their knowledge level in aviation.

The teaching methods we adopt, such as smart classes, audio & video presentation, etc makes us unique, and assure 100% understandability.

Unique teaching methods will make complex theory and practical problems to be solved with ease.

We assure you that, even with the costly unique teaching methods we adopt towards 100% understandably for a single topic or subject, we charge only half the fee currently charged for these subjects by other institutes in this sector.

We target only on better results.

Demo training classes are provided for every subjects to value our unique method and specialties in teaching.

Our Specialties

Live and interactive online classes
Live audio and visual presentation *
Live demonstrations of concepts *
Smart classes
Comfortable timing - daily and week-end classes

*Conditions Apply


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